Hello, I’m Stephanie, AKA That skinny tall girl.  At least that’s what I was called for most of my life.  Fast forward to four babies in 6 years (none were multiples), a love of food, and a lack of exercise (unless you count chasing kids, cuz chauffeuring doesn’t burn calories), surgically induced menopause, and you’ve got me NOW….a gal finding her way back to being that skinny tall girl.

I’ve been blessed, these last 22 years, to be a stay-at-home-mommy to my four kiddos.  I did have some side gigs during that time that gave me grown up time and fun money, but for the most part, I was identified as Allie, Johnny, Reagan and Jake’s mom, or Rick’s wife.  Can anyone relate?

As we face empty nester season (it really does happen in the blink of the eye), I’m faced with finding out what I want to be in this next phase of my life.

I love travel, people, animals, anything near or in the water, natural solutions, exercise,  jewelry, fashion, decorating, cooking, creating, furniture repurposing, flea market hunting….you name it…I’m like a squirrel on crack…if I haven’t tried it yet and it looks interesting, watch out!

So, this blog has become my quest to find my way back to myself in this next stage of life, and if you are adventurous, feel free to read all about it.

You can keep up with my daily antics on Instagram (@thatskinnytallgirl), if you like.

Here’s to fun, real life, hot flashes (I did say real life), ups and downs, and adventures!