A Thing Of Beauty…to come


Look at my latest find!!!  Isn’t she gorgeous?  No?  You don’t see it, yet?  Well, I do!


I have a vision for our master bedroom…the one room that has NEVER really been decorated.  My mother “gifted” us the furniture, and it’s never been my taste or style, but that’s changing.  Also, it’s the one room that everything seems to get thrown into…it’s a mess.

So, as part of my “vision”, I envisioned a sitting area with a faux fireplace, kind of my little place to relax, cuddle up and read.  So, I went on a hunt for the fireplace.

It took a while, seems that repurposing is all the rage these days, so junk is costing a lot more.  We found a hidden gem in Dallas, called Orr-Reed Wrecking Company ( I think it may be Orr-Reed Architectural now), and a gem it is!

If you like neat, clean and tidy, this isn’t your place.  But, if you have a vision, imagination and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty…you’ll be in heaven.

This little beauty is a gem.  She was circa pre 1940’s, and is missing her flat top mantle.  The mantle was removed because it was cheap and not of the period.  She’s chippy, and perfect.  All she needs is a bit of elbow grease, a new top and some love.

Speaking of a new top….they even found me some old, reclaimed barn wood to age and use as the top…it’s perfect.

When this absurd freezing, rainy weather goes away, I plan to go back and dig for more treasures.

I can’t wait to work on this beauty, but sadly, she’s a ways down on the repurposing list right now.  And, the weather needs to cooperate so I can clean her up.







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