Today Was A Hard Momday



Today was a Monday!  It was the Monday of all Mondays if there ever was a Monday!

To start with, I was tired!  I was still catching up on my lack of sleep from last week, combined with my lack of sleep from my girl trip to Shreveport.  Combine that with getting up at 615am to ensure my 17-year-old didn’t sleep through his alarm.

Then, the ensuing struggle with said 17-year-old, after early morning football workout.  We seem to have the same dance EVERY FRIGGEN MONDAY!  He’s tired out from working all weekend, I get it.  But, he’s number FOUR and this Momma is tired too!  I’ve done this waltz a few other times and I’m older and don’t have the energy to perform it EVERY FRIGGEN MONDAY!!!

So, I win the battle-as I always do-and off to school he goes.  MANY, MANY, MANY (did I say many???) text messages later, I discover that THIS TIME he wasn’t the “boy who cried wolf”, he was in fact sick and throwing up.  (yeah, I know, Mom of the year right here…but like I said, it’s EVERY FRIGGEN MONDAY!  How was I supposed to decipher this one from the others?)

BUT…it gets better (not better as in good…insert BAD sarcasm here).  The oldest, who is in her first year teaching 2nd grade at a great school (but a challenging student population) sends me a text asking for urgent prayers for a student.

Many back and forth messages later (during her lunch), I get the story, and it’s a tough one.  I can’t share details, but I can say that sometimes children get in shitty situations which are not their fault, and they are the ones who are suffering.

It’s hard to see your kids hurting!  As a mom, we are the fixers of all things!  We kiss their boo-boos as toddlers and hug and reassure them as they get older.  This is one I cannot fix!  This is bigger than all of us and all we can do is PRAY!

It’s so hard to see her pain, know her heart-her stubborn streak (must get that from her dad—eyeroll if he reads this), her never give up attitude and know that she can’t fix this.

It’s so hard to hear her pain and know how bad she’s hurting for this now former student of hers.

She has a heart for the difficult, the challenging, the hard to reach ones.  God has placed her exactly where she is meant to be…it’s why the job hunt was so HARD and so many doors were shut.

But, damn it’s hard!  It’s hard on her, I know, but it’s hard on this Momma who can’t make her world better for her.


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