Just Sharing My Thoughts Today

Something that’s been on my mind a lot lately is the health of those around me.  Whether it’s people I see on the street, friends or family, it saddens me to see people hurting, tired and sick when they don’t need to be.  Granted, there are diseases out there that we can’t help, but most of the everyday problems people are facing (tiredness, restlessness, sleeplessness, low libido, aches and pains, etc) can be corrected by lifestyle changes.


I used to be all about quick, easy and convenient!  Afterall, it costs more to cook healthy and fresh!  But, now that I see how my body reacts to the RIGHT foods I will NEVER go back to that other way of living.  Sure, I have something “not so good” occasionally, it’s not a death sentence, but I will NEVER go back to that other way again!

Did you know that sugar causes joint inflammation?  I didn’t!  Did you know that the average American person consumes more sugar in a day than 5 people should?  I didn’t!  Did you know that a can of soda is equal to the same about of sugar as a LARGE candy bar?  I didn’t!  And, don’t even get me started on the harmful effects of diet soda!  Did you know that the FDA is looking into banning the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas? (not stevia).  Do your research!  They are even linking those same artificial sweeteners to neurological symptoms that mimic diseases like Multiple Sclerosis.  This terrifies me!

I have found a way to help myself, my family and others change their quality of life!  It’s NOT a diet, it’s a customized, whole body, gentle cleanse system that WILL help remove stubborn visceral fat (the fat surrounding our organs) and help you lose weight in the process.  This is a complete lifestyle change!  You follow the custom program for a minimum of 30 days and reevaluate after.  The goal is not to be dieting and relying on a product for the rest of your life, it’s to make a Lifestyle Change and learn a better way of feeding your body. The tradeoff is more money in your pocket (you won’t be hitting drive thrus anymore), more natural energy, radiant skin, less aches and pains, better sleep, and of course, less weight and inches!

I talk to people daily who think it’s to expensive, I was the same.  Then, I noticed I was simply reallocating my grocery money into a different category, and I was actually saving money because my meals were now planned out and there was no need to grab and go, it was so much more convenient.  I actually feel kind of sick when I think of all the drive-thrus I used to hit.  I challenge EVERYONE to take a week, or a month, and write down EVERYTHING you spend money on, food and drink wise…..you may be shocked!


Just imagine what our country would look like if everyone embraced the idea of a healthy lifestyle!  What’s crazy is that when you feed your body the way it was intended, you gain so much Natural Energy that you crave activity!  Most people do just the opposite, they start with diet and exercise.  If you are used to being sedentary, that exercising is going to feel like a burden.  And, as for dieting…..well we all know what the first 3 letters in that word are!  LOL

This was not meant to be a plug for my business, just a rant on what’s been weighing on my heart lately.  But, if you are at all curious about what I do, or my customized programs, please text “curious” to 972-921-4394 and I will get back with you.

Have a super fantastic Wednesday!



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