What’s the Big Deal, anyway?!


“What’s the big deal with nutritional cleansing anyway”?  “Nutritional cleansing sounds awful, I don’t have time to hang out in the bathroom all day”.  “Those cleanse things only make you lose water weight, they don’t last long-term”.  

You name it, I’ve heard it all!  In fact, I’ve said those same things myself, but then I got really curious and just did it.

It all started late October, 2014, I saw pictures of my friend and she looked amazing!  I reached out to my friend, only to be told she had been working with a nutritional coach who had customized a plan just for her.  Well, I couldn’t afford that, so I just shut the idea down in my head.  A week later, the same friend posted ANOTHER picture and I just could not stop thinking about it so I set up a time with the coach to talk.

Fast forward to November 5th, the day I jumped in and decided to try nutritional cleansing.  You see, I knew that I could get a complete refund if I hated it or it didn’t work, so ALL I had to lose was my pesky, stubborn fat, and who really wants that hanging around anyway, right?!!!  I was tired of being tired and my clothes were starting to get tight.

I noticed after only 4 days that I had TONS of energy, my sugar cravings were GONE and I was sleeping better than I had in years!  I think I was on to something, so I got my hubster on board too!  (I must say, it’s fun doing this together)

I finished one 30 day program, (yes, I did it during Thanksgiving, and DID NOT feel deprived at all), and finished the month out with a 14 pound loss of fat…..YEAH BABY!!!!  So, I decided to continue on the journey.  Month 2 finished out with me down 7 pounds, TONS of inches, and noticeably looser clothes.  So far, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds, 42 inches overall and I’m still on the program.  See, the beauty of this is that it works differently on everyone, it’s not a one size fits all.  And, I love that it helps to support lean muscle development and remove the stubborn visceral fat (the fat surrounding our organs).  This is NOT a diet (because what are the first 3 letters in that word), it’s seriously a lifestyle change!

My hubster lost 32 pounds in 30 days, because, well….lets face it, men sneeze and lose 10 pounds!  But, he is sleeping better, not snoring and has more energy as well.  And, it’s fun to be on this journey together.

I love that this is NOT a dreaded colon cleanse, but rather, a whole body, gentle cleanse!  It not only helps remove the visceral fat, but it helps to build lean muscle and increase natural energy, all while using products with no harmful stimulants, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. It’s so easy to follow, even with our crazy lifestyle and all the traveling we do.


This picture collage shows me when I started, at the end of month 1 and at the end of month 2.  I haven’t updated yet, but plan to soon.  I just love how I feel now, in fact, I love it so much that I now share it with others and coach them to better health and wellness too.  If you’re curious, let me know, no obligation!  I’m seriously doing something I love now and I love the calls, texts and emails I get from happy clients.

Have a wonderful day, and look for a healthy recipe tomorrow.


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