Portrait of a young woman holding her nose.

Okay, here’s a little disclaimer for all you who may be looking for a health or wellness tip today, from time to time my self diagnosed ADD will kick in and I will stray from health and wellness, well, sort of…in my opinion, this DOES deal with health and wellness….MINE and those who are/were traveling with me.

Let me back up a few days and begin where I should, at the beginning!

We, here in Texas, have had a rough patch, weather wise, the last several weeks, in fact it’s been down right FREEZING!  (and for all you people who live north of Texas, we consider anything below 50 to be freezing).  So, it was no surprise to me when, upon entering our garage Friday morning, my senses were assaulted by the smell of something dead, like rotten, decaying dead.  We figured, due to the amount of mess in our garage, that there had to be a dead mouse somewhere in there and it would be found eventually.  After driving the car out of the garage, however, it became increasing evident that the dead smell was following us and actually blowing into the car via the air conditioner/heater.  Now, I must say, once you are going along at a brisk speed, the smell dissipates (or maybe we were used to it….cringe), so we thought maybe we’d gotten lucky and the item had fallen out on a bumpy road somewhere.  Arriving back at the homestead, the hubster decided to leave the car in the driveway, thus not stinking up the garage again.  While the car was in the driveway, hubby decided to take a look and try to figure out the source of the stink.  After much investigating, he did locate a nest that had been created and he was able to successfully remove it, we hoped that was the end of our dilemma.  Fast forward to the next morning, we are up and at it bright and early (too early) headed to a volleyball tournament, and BAM…..there it is to assault our senses before we are fully awake and coherent…..THE SMELL!  We dealt with that stupid smell all weekend, we had no other choice.

Monday morning……..drag everyone out of bed, get them into smelly car and notice the tire sensor light is on…….oh joy!  After dropping kids off, I head to our favorite, hole in the wall, tire supplier to get the tire checked.  As I drive up onto the ramp, the tire guy says to me (think heavy Hispanic accent here, I’m talking Cheech and Chong accent) “smells like something died in here”……ya think?!!!!  Get my tires checked, fixed and paid for and drive my stink mobile to our friendly Toyota dealer for my oil change and maintenance check up.  After driving into the service area, I’m met by the friendly service tech who greets me and asks what I’m there for.  As I begin to explain, I notice him looking around and kind of crinkling his nose a bit while doing so.  “Did you run over something?” he asks me, “Nope,” I reply, “but while you’re looking under the hood, can you please locate and remove whatever has crawled up there and died?”  “yes, ma’am” he says, although reluctantly, “but it’s going to be about a 2 hour wait”.  (At this point, I was thankful to be breathing clean, pleasant air, and would have gladly waited longer to get that stink removed).

I enter the overly crowded service area and find an empty chair.  Thankfully, my job of coaching people toward better health travels wherever I go, so I set up my laptop and went to work, all the while hoping for an end to the nasty smell.  Throughout the course of the day, people came and people left, but of course people where everywhere when the service guy came to talk to me.  “We found the source of the smell,  Mrs. Deese”  (of course he uses my name) “there was a large rodent, dead, but it’s been removed now.  Thank you for your patience, we’ll have you on your way shortly”.   As he walks away, I notice the horrified looks on the faces of two ladies sitting very near me……”no”,  I want to shout, “it wasn’t in the car, it was in the engine area, I don’t drive around with rodent passengers”!  Instead, I pay my bill, thank my rodent remover and drive off, thankful for clean air.

Be sure and check back tomorrow for some yummy, healthy recipes,

Here’s to breathing,



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