Yep, I’m “that skinny tall girl”, at least I used to be


Hello World!

My name is Stephanie Deese and I’m a wife, a mom of 4 beautiful (almost grown) kids, a health and wellness coach and basically a jack of all trades!  I chose my blog name, thatskinnytallgirl, because I’ve always been referred to as just that, you know, “that skinny, tall girl”.  At least I used to be referred to as that, now it’s probably a wide range of ______________’s mom,  Rick’s wife, that lady that runs the ballpark, or that tall lady.  Somehow the SKINNY part has fallen away over the years, (probably in part due to giving birth to 4 monstrous sized babies in just under six years) and thus began my quest to get it back.

I started my journey towards better health and fitness in early November, 2014 and it has launched into so much more than I ever dreamed or went looking for.  My husband and I are both on this wonderful lifestyle change together, and it’s even starting to rub off on my kids…it’s truthfully changing our health futures.  My goal now is to continue to share it with as many friends, family and strangers that I can, because I see what it has done and is continuing to do for us, as a family. 

Am I an expert, HECK NO!  Am I learning as much as I can at every opportunity I’m given, HECK YES!  Am I willing to continue to learn more to enable me to help others, ABSOLUTELY!  And, I’m always looking for friends who are willing to teach or learn with me.

My goal in starting this blog, is that I can share all the tricks and tips I learn with all of you, I may even veer off subject occasionally with a funny story, we will just see where the mood takes me.  I will share healthy recipes, exercise tips (because that’s being added in too with this journey we’re on), and even occasionally post interactive posts.  You’ll just never know what may happen here, because neither do I.

Here’s to your good health!



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